• People Advisory
  • Market Research / Talent Mapping
  • Headhunting
  • Board Appointments
  • Change Management
  • Recruitment Training



In-depth Market Research Phase:

Identification of corporations or industries where the potential candidates would be found. We then do comprehensive gathering of information on the team structures and specific roles. This research is presented to our clients as added value information regarding the potential candidates highlighted.

Key Focus- Understanding the Brief:

A detailed briefing session with our clients equip us with an understanding of the role, its core competency and responsibilities.

Areas of discussions during the briefing session to understand what attributes the line manager is looking for:

  • The size of the team
  • The reporting structure as well as,key internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify key areas in the role which are non- negotiable
  • Key performance indicators
  • Identify candidate’s growth projections within the organisation
  • Remuneration and incentives details

Headhunting Phase:

A confidential process of contacting candidates on the client’s behalf is followed, requesting face to face discussions regarding the opportunity. Once these discussions are complete – the elimination process is embarked to prepare a shortlist of the most suitable candidates to be presented to our clients.

Handover Phase:

Kroll MIE and reference checks are conducted on behalf of the client.

This is followed by the negotiation of packages, shares, bonus structures and start dates to mitigate relationship between the client and candidate. Continuous communication with both client and candidate are maintained during the notice period stage to keep relationships strong until candidates start date.

Continuous Support Phase:

It is our mandate to continue to maintain support to both our clients and candidates in their new roles to ensure a smooth transition and culture fit in the early stages of the new journey – this is done through continuous communication and follow up sessions to monitor the success of the new relationship.

Search Techniques

We use two methodologies at Exec Corner office to identify suitable candidates.

  • Networking: Sourcing leadsby contacting industry sector leaders
  • Search/Headhunting: Conducting research into the market to identify suitable candidates then approaching those individuals confidentially on the client’s behalf.